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Hydrogen is an important source of energy and power. Hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogenation materials can be found in nearly every industry, and they all require reliable hydrogen compressors to convert hydrogen into a pressurized state for efficient storage, processing, and use.

If you’re looking for a way to store hydrogen for future use, you’ve probably come across a hydrogen compressor. These units use a combination of a lobed rotor, an eccentric shaft, and a specially designed chamber to compress the hydrogen. Like rotary internal combustion engines, hydrogen compressors rely on the heat-reactive properties of hydrogen hydride to compress the gas. These systems are particularly useful in fuel cells but can also be used in smaller-scale applications.

About Hydrogen Compressor

A hydrogen compressor is a device that increases the pressure of hydrogen by reducing its volume. The reduction in volume results in compressed hydrogen or liquid hydrogen. Most compressors used for gaseous hydrogen compression are positive displacement compressors or centrifugal compressors, depending on the requirements. Hydrogen fuel is considered one of the most emerging technologies in the automotive industry and is expected to drive the market over the forecast period.


Advantages of Hydrogen Compressors

Our hydrogen compressors reduce power and operating costs by handling higher capacity with less energy, and offer the following features and benefits:


Robust and Reliable

This compressor series is designed to compress hydrogen gas without any contamination. In fact, they are currently used in many different fields, such as hydrogen energy storage, hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen compressed gas for fuel cell applications, hydrogen compressed gas for hydrogen boilers, and many other industrial processes.


 Oil-free design
 Hermetically gas-tight with magnetic coupling drive
✓ Special gas-tight design
 Inlet pressures of up to 30 barg
✓ Proven in the most demanding conditions in industry and offshore applications
Inlet pressures of up to 20 bargInlet pressures of up to 20 barg

types of hydrogen compressors

There are two main mechanisms for compressing air:

  1. Physically reduce the volume of the container that holds the air; “squeeze” the gas, making it more compressed and dense, as the gas can change shape and density to best fit its container.
  2. Increase the velocity of the gas, which in turn increases the pressure of the gas and reduces the volume of space the gas occupies.


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Application of Hydrogen Compressor

A hydrogen compressor is a highly versatile tool for pressurizing hydrogen for storage, transportation, and use. Some of the most popular applications for hydrogen compressors include:



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